Cyberbullying – the latest trends

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USA Today has a very riveting article today about Cyberbullying that I just have to share with you. At every seminar I have with kids around the country,  instances of cyberbullying always come up from the students.

Cyberbullying grows bigger and meaner with photos, video
By Janet Kornblum, USA TODAY
July 15, 2008

Ricky Alatorre doesn’t know which classmate surreptitiously hoisted a cellphone camera and snapped his picture or exactly when it happened.

All Ricky, 16, knows is the fuzzy yet distinguishable portrait of him in English class showed up on MySpace, on a page that claimed to be his. And the fake profile, titled “The Rictionary,” not only identified his school but also said Ricky loved dictionaries — a swipe at his school smarts — and was gay (he’s not), one of the most common schoolyard taunts.



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I was driving down the street the other day when I saw something on the back of the car that got me a little worked up.  Parents, if you have a child in a sport, I understand how proud you are and how much you want to tell the world what sport your child is into.  This parent went a little too far in my opinion.  The family obviously had a daughter who was a dancer because the sticker was of a ballet dancer which didn’t upset me.  It was the dance studio’s name under the ballerina sticker and then the name of their daughter under that.  You might as well have put her picture, phone number, address and age on the back of your car too.  A predator needs very little information about his or her next target in order to track them down.

My favorite cyberbullying videos

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These two videos are so in your face…….They couldn’t get more real.  I talk to thousands of students every year and these videos remind me of the faces in the audience with just a blank stare and some with tears in their eyes.  When you watch these videos, close the door, turn up the volume and PAY ATTENTION!!!!

My promotional video

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Ok…..don’t laugh at the first part but I was much heavier back then:-)

My new blog

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Hey everybody,

This is my first blog entry and I am sure their will be many more to come.  I want to be able to take my audience on tour around the world with me.  I get to see some really great places and meet some really cool people while at the same time protecting kids online.  I have the greatest job in the world and get to talk in front of some of the greatest audiences too. 

The best part of my job is doing my presentations for the students and seeing the reactions that I get when they are interacting with me.

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