I have Knots in my stomach today

May 9, 2010 at 2:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I got a few letters from students who attended a recent seminar that I did in New York.  As usual, the shows went great and the students obviously had a great time.  The reason I have knots in my stomach is that every once in a while I will get a school administrator telling me that they can not afford to bring me in.  REALLY!!!! I am probabley the most reasonable professional speaker that you will ever meet.  See just a few of the student letters below and then ask yourself can you afford NOT to hire me?

My name is Rebecca and i attend (Omit high school). I just wanted to thank you for a great assembly you gave today (5/7/10). I think they are really important to have and yours was the best one yet. im a senior and will be graduating in about 2 months. as far back as i can remember we’ve had these assemblys with corny slide shows and videos with people who are very professional and boring. and as much as i appriciate them coming the reactions from high school students was always the same. “that was stupid” or “that stuff doesn’t actually happen” speakers dont normally connect with high school students and to be successful thats what needs to be done.. but you were different. and after i was speaking to a couple of people who really listened and were going to follow your advice. you were very straight foward and we could tell you wanted to teach us and didnt think you were better than us and weren’t trying to brain wash us. i feel like this was the only assembly students took to heart and paid attention. i dont know if you answer your face book messages personally or not but i needed to share this with you. you’ve inspired me to do so much and gave me hope in the human race again. it sounds silly but ive given up hope that people cared and that there are good people in this place. i plan on going into the US Marine Corps and then being a cop and work my way up to working with battered children and now, thanks to you, hopefully motivational speaking. i finally know what i want to do. so thank you again. ive had my share or cyberbullying. nothing major but stupid high school drama. normally im the one sticking up for the person being bullied. this causes many people not to like me at school. because i say stuff most people keep in their heads. i stick up for people and i know thats the right thing to do. thank you for taking time out of your busy schedual and reading my letter. thanks again for the great assembly and all that you do.


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