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ATTENTION all students…..You can win a FREE kdcop show for your school or community by entering in the kdcop cyber video contest.

Submit an internet safety video about any internet safety topic like cyberbullying, sexting, internet predators or social networking safety.  Below are the contest rules.

1.  You must go to school in NJ, PA, NY, PA or DE.

2.  Each safety video must be less than 10 minutes

3.  You can submit as many videos as you want

4.  You can include anyone you wish to be in your video

5.  It MUST be on the topic of internet safety

All submissions must be made before midnight on August 31st in order to qualify. 

Each entry must be submitted by and sent to or you can mail your entry to:

Keith Dunn

PO Box 111

Martinsville, NJ 08836

E-mail or message me if you have any questions.

Good luck,

Keith Dunn

PO Box 111

Martinsville, NJ 08836

Somerset Medcial Center

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Had my gallbladder removed yesterday.  I have heard a lot of bad things about Somerset Medical Center but I have to say that I had a great experience.  Went in on Tuesday 7/20/10 for same day surgery and didn’t wait for a thing.  In and out and treated very well.

Georgian Court University

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Just got back from GCU where I had the oportunity to talk to the DARE Camp students.  Before the show, I got to do some talking head video for my KDCOP promo video.  I can’t wait until I get to post the video on my webpage and on youtube.  I could not ask for a better audience for the taping of a KDCOP seminar.

I want to thank DARE NJ, my partner, and all officers involved with bringing me in.


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Sitting at the office getting ready for the DARE NJ seminar at Georgian Court University this Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

Upcoming Seminars

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Looks like I locked up the entire Islip School District thanks to the “For The Kids” network.  I also just got a request to do 4 seminars in December for the Houston School District.  Thanks Mimi Morrison.

Texas in December???? Yeah I think I can do that.

KDCOP prayers also go out to my partner Tamara and her family.  Please keep them in your hearts.

KDCOP 2010 photo shoot

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Hey KDCOP family,

I had to do a new KDCOP photo shoot since I didn’t have any new pictures for the book that is coming out soon.  Please leave comments and tell me which one you like the best:-)  By the way I am looking for corporate sponsors besides DARE NJ who would like to be affiliated with protecting kids online and provide free seminars to scho0ls.  Companies like Starburst, Skittles, Apple, Microsoft.  Please help me get the word out and tell them to e-mail

Vacation / Royal Caribbean and Bermuda

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Had the most amazing time on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.  The staff was amazing and they are the most organized cruise line in the industry.  They are a MUST for any first time cruisers as well as regulars.  Below are some photos of our vacation.


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Hey DARE NJ, I am so excited to get to explore the cyber world with all of you at 1:30pm on July 14th at Georgian Court University theater.

We are going to have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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