Hershey Park

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Ok…Heading to Hershey Park today for some much needed R&R and fun,  I have never been there so this should fun.


2010 DARE Camp

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Hey everyone, I have to tell you about the DARE NJ Camp this year in Lakewood NJ because it was so cool.  The kids all came in after walking the entire campus through a torrential downpour just to sit with me and watch the kdcop show.  I was moved just by the kids having to walk all that way in the rain and still being so excited to see the show.  EVERYONE got a high five from me as they walked in because I was so proud of every single student in the room.

The DARE NJ camp is a hand select group of students from around the State on NJ who far exceed other students and excel in the field of leadership in their schools.

We had a great time laughing and learning at the same time.  Please check out the link below for some parts of the show and the students reactions.

  Thank you again to DARE NJ for a GREAT show:-)

KDCOP promo videos

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