“The Social Network”, Facebook Movie

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 OK….This movie really had some good hype and publicity over the damaging, deviant lifestyle of the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.  I don’t know whether they made all that up to get people to go see the movie or what, but when I walked out of The Social Network, I was more impressed with Mark AFTER the movie.  The film was brilliantly directed by showing Mark’s civil litigation during the deposition process and then flashing back to those points in the movie. 

 From my point of view it does appear that Mark got the seed to create “The Facebook” from the Winklevoss twins and their code writer.  But, just like he said in the movie, “if you invented The Facebook then why didn’t you invent The Facebook?”

 It was clear that Zuckerberg did NOT use any of the Winklevoss’s code from the Harvard Connect U so in my eyes, he should have never paid the twins their 65 million dollars.

 By the way, the hype about Mark being involved in sexually deviant parties, drugs and drinking was ALL lies.  During the entire movie, when the partying was going on either in the background or all the way across town, Mark was “wired in” to his computer making Facebook better. 

You can tell that the idea of the movie came from a book author who really only got all of his facts about what had happened from one bitter employee who was “left behind”.  Eduardo would have never been cut out of his shares had he been by Mark’s side the entire time.  He was however out busting his butt to get Facebook sponsors and trying to make money for the both of them.  Facebook just honestly grew way to fast for any normal person who is not a genius to keep up. 

I give this movie 5 STARS….If you have a Facebook you have to see this mainly because it will open your eyes to the genius that is Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Favorite quote of the movie:  

(Winklevoss’s lawyer, to Mark) “Don’t I deserve your attention?(Mark):”Well since I am under oath and don’t want to purger myself…..NO!”


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