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Hey everyone. April and May so far have been pretty slow months this year. June looks like it is going to pick up with the NJ National Guard summer camp and some other assemblies throughout our Garden State. Although the past couple months have been slow on the speaking side of the KDCOP Foundation, the business and entertainment development side have been blowing up with new ideas. On top of new ideas, KDCOP has been asked to be part of Experian’s Identity Theft Leadership Council. This council gets together 4 times a year and works on new ways to keep people’s identity safe while shopping or just browsing the internet.

One of the newest and most amazing shows that we have developed on the entertainment side is the Cyber Safe/Leadership Workshop which is in VERY high demand. This workshop is a half day long and perfect for summer camps and youth leadership teams from all over the world. The VA National Guard has seen it twice already and we are scheduled for another workshop on July 30th. This new workshop brings cyber safety and amazing, interactive leadership exercises directly to your teens. Keeping in mind that we all want to be included with something, the workshop brings the attendees together like no other program. It allows our youth from all nationalities and different cultures to understand, accept and welcome one another into their world. This technique opens up the teen’s eyes to better understand what it is like to be an outsider as well.

Since no one wants to be left out, we conclude the workshop with an exercise that really gets to the heart of each teen’s issues and, in most cases, brings a tear or two to everyone’s eye.

If you’re looking for that one of a kind, dynamic, entertaining, funny, interactive and engaging workshop for your teens then contact me TODAY!!!!


Love ya!!!! See you soon


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