Being and author does “NOT” make you an expert

April 3, 2013 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

You know, I have been listening and watching television shows where they always bring on an “expert” who has authored a book. I go to speaker trainings and seminars where they tell you that if you write a book you become an instant expert in your field. I have heard that authoring a book brings you instant credibility.

After years of hearing no named people who write a book and are all of the sudden an expert on their topic it drives me crazy.

The only way you are an expert is if you have been there, done that and struggled or worked your way through the classes and certifications to become that “expert”

One last thing……..Authoring a book, in no way, makes you a great speaker. It doesn’t even make you a good speaker. In order to be a professional speaker who gets paid, you need to be a dynamic, engaged leader with a gift or a LOT of training to stand up in front of people and deliver a message.

Anyone can stand in front of a podium or on a stage and fill your heads with ideas, but if your not able to motivate that audience enough to where they want to move and make things happen, you are just another talking head.

Your audience should leave your speech with resources and tools to implement to make a change in this world. They shouldn’t leave your presentation just wanting to buy your book because you took the time to write down your opinion on what you feel matters.

Those are my thoughts…..Visit and feel free to leave comments of your own if you wish.


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