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Mr. Harvey,

My name is Keith Dunn and I LOVE your show.  I am a former detective/ member of the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, currently the President of the, a professional speaker, entertainer, author, serviced connected honorably disabled veteran, and a volunteer firefighter.  Let me just start out by saying again that I love your show and watch it as religiously everyday as the “Ellen Show” which is on immediately after your show.  Today you had a question from a young lady who is involved with a member of the FDNY for over/almost 13 years.  Her main concern was that her boyfriend has been working 24 hour shifts and he falls, or wants to sleep, while he is “with” her.  When you began to beat around the bush I started laughing like when I normally watch your show, and then it became real…

The young lady asking the question was obviously upset and hurting for only a suggestion from you.  As the jokes continued and you told stories about yourself, you never really got back to her question, which, I think is a very interesting, not like you, and most likely should be answered by a professional counseling therapist.  In fact, since I know you are a busy man, let me go ahead and try to provide a solution or some advice to her issue.


I truly feel your hurt and can empathize with what you are going through.  I can even guarantee that your boyfriend for 13 years barely dialogues with you and has a hard time keeping up with the conversation even when he does.  Any FDNY, or firefighter out there will tell you the same thing.  Almost every minute of sleep that does get during his 24 hour shift, he has to wake up out of a dead sleep, has to turn “it” on at a moment’s notice, and after putting an enormous weight of firefighting “gear” on, for most times between one to eight hour each time the bell rings, he has an extremely large amount of adrenaline and cortisol running through his blood which, in the long term is not healthy.  When he gets “down time”, away from the station, I am sure that his heart, head, and mind just want to be held and feel safe by someone who loves him.  Since you have been together for 13 years, I am assuming that he has shown, or told you this in one way or another.  My advice is to talk to him and find out what his work schedule is like then try to come to a date night compromise.  I know that sometimes, the perfect date night with my wife is a great home cooked meal, then just relaxing on the couch with her in my arms watching a movie.  If your man has a home cooked meal with you, starts watching something to take his mind off the “job”, with you in his arms, he is most likely going to fall asleep.

I would suggest letting him have a day of rest, alone, just to decompress, sleep, or do whatever it is that he needs to do to regain the energy to stay in this “long” 13 year BF/GF relationship.  You might have to give him one to three full days of rest.  Now, I am not saying that you should leave him alone to do nothing but “veg. out” on the couch for those days, yet I am saying that maybe he NEEDS the sleep.  I would also be considerate and ask him to please contact his primary health care provide to check on his “thyroid function” or any other potential medical conditions causing him to be so tired.

In conclusion, your man works a 24 hour a day job where he never gets to rest, and when he does, back at the fire house, most of the time he gets tossed out of bed, turning “it” on, and racing out of the firehouse into the unknown wearing that heavy gear for most of the 24 hours that he is working.  Be understanding, loyal, and committed but…..Don’t ever let yourself get walked on or pushed to the side when you are both in an open and honest relationship.

That is my personal belief and feeling on the matter of the question that was asked to Mr. Steve Harvey.

If Mr. Steve Harvey or the young lady would like to respond you can contact me from my website at a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Warmest Regards,

Keith P. Dunn

KDCOP Foundation, President

PO Box 183

Washington, NJ 07882

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