Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, Jamaica is the Greatest Place on Earth

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My wife and I visited Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, Jamaica in August for our first year anniversary. We had been to the Secrets Resorts and Spas in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon but the resort in Montego Bay was a dream come true.

This resort, Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, not only met but exceeded our expectations and impressed my wife and me so much that we ended up convincing my mother in law to cancel her vacation to the Bahamas in order to visit Secret St. James in Montego Bay Jamaica.

The resort was beyond paradise. The water was so clear, and the beaches were literally raked, by hand, every morning. The best part of the resort is the staff.  Can I just say that they have the most kind, excited, and caring staff in the world.  From check in to check out, everyone bent over backwards to make sure that we had an amazing time.  The greatest thing was the fact that they were treating all of their guests like royalty.

From the managers, to the Butlers, especially Travis, and even the gardeners maintaining the property couldn’t have been more amazing.  One of the maintenance guys who was cutting the grass stopped to ask me how my visit was going.  Once I told him how amazing it was he asked if I got a fresh coconut yet.  When I told him no, he immediately climbed up a tree, cut down a coconut and prepared it for me to drink.  THAT IS AMAZING SERVICE.

Barrels of ice cold bottles of water to grab, on the go, all over the resort to the delicious drinks; nothing could ever make this place any better.

Okay, okay. The food was to die for.  We never felt rushed and the flavors were out of this world. Snacks, drinks, and room service around the clock was great too.

Please don’t let me forget the amazingly talented entertainment team; especially entertainers like Hennessy, Alex…….. I mean EVERYONE.

Don’t listen to the lies either. The resort is as safe as can be and going down town to the “strip”, I heard, is a fun and exciting family or couples party and tourist place to go to gamble, shop, or just walk around.

NO ONE is treated different in Jamaica. It was so relaxing to be amongst such a laid back culture who truly care about each other as well as their guests.

I will be sending a letter to the CEO, COO, and every manager of a Secrets resort in the world to make sure that they model there locations from St. James in Montego Bay.

Did I mention the Butler service? Our Butler Travis was funny, and yet still very professional. He made our experience a dream come true.  St. James was superfluous.

If you want to be pampered in paradise, don’t think twice. My wife and I travel a lot and I am saying, GO GO GO GO.

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