Black River Middle School, Chester, NJ

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I received this inspiring text from the Black River Middle School principal in Chester, NJ.     

“Can we schedule dates for next year? You helped our kids. I had parents tell me their children received text messages from other students apologizing  for their behavior. Thank you. You have a special gift.”

Long Hill Chapel Testimonial, Chatham, NJ

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Keith Dunn recently gave his Cyber Safety Seminar Presentation at Long Hill Chapel. Those

who attended are well aware that the cyber world can be a dangerous one, and we came

unsure of how we can best protect our children. Keith not only gave us relevant information as

to the realities of the Internet, he also provided us with resources to help protect ourselves and

our children as we spend more time on the Web and in social media. It is clear that Keith is

both deeply knowledgeable on the topic of cyber safety and passionate for equipping others. His

vibrant personality held our attention for the duration of the event; I believe many parents would

have appreciated even more time with him. Keith engaged with the audience and asked for

questions; when we seemed apprehensive he assured us we would be okay. As a parent of two

young children, I have been fearful of the potential harm that can come to them via the Internet.

I now feel empowered! The information I received through this seminar has given me the vital

tools I need to set up protections not only on our home computer, but all our technology devices.

I would highly recommend his seminar to churches, schools, civic groups…anyone who is

willing to listen!!

Darea Hastie, Long Hill Chapel Children’s Ministries Director

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