iCloud Celebrity Photos Hacked and Shared

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So, I heard on the radio first thing this morning that Jennifer Lawrence as well as a few other mainstream celebrities had their iCloud files hacked into and posted online to expose some pretty revealing photos.  Some of which were fake, digitally altered nude photos, and some were legitimate.  A few minutes ago I turned on Access Hollywood and the breaking news was about the very same topic.  As a former undercover internet detective, an internet safety expert, professional speaker as well as the president for the KDCOP Foundation, http://www.kdcopfoundation.org, a nonprofit organization, I had to chime in with my two sense.  Sorry about all of the commas.  I get very passionate when it comes to people posting things online and privacy issues.

You see, I get the opportunity to educate millions of students, faculty, parents, and even law enforcement officers about this, as well as other topics related to using the internet in a safe manner.

Since the FBI is now conducting an investigation into the matter I will leave my legal comments out for now.  I think I will chime in once the investigation is concluded.

On a more personal note, it sounded on the radio and on the television that everyone should panic about getting their iClouds, DropBoxes, and any other online storage sites hacked into.  Let’s get real here for a minute.  Everyone should already know that you really should never keep ANYTHING stored online that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see.  I completely understand that it is password protected and you are entitled to the expectation of privacy.  The truth of the matter is keep your private business private and locked up somewhere safe.  Flash drives work great.  This way you can keep everything safe and even secure by locking away your flash drive in a safe place.  I know that this isn’t as convenient as using an online storage site but unless you drop your flash drive on the street, your content is on its own private little hard drive island.  By the way, I will not be getting into any technical, forensic discussions about any online storage sites and will leave that up to the new, technologically aged forensic experts in that field. 

My expert opinion is that you should never save or post anything online that you wouldn’t mind the world seeing.

My emotionally charged personal opinion is that who the heck really cares about a common person’s iCloud storage files.  If you are not a major internet sensation, corporate leader of a fortune 500 company, or, as we all saw, a celebrity, then you really don’t have to jump into panic mode.  I am pretty sure that a hacker is not interested in anything that a common citizen puts on their “Cloud”.  Well……Unless you make someone very very angry.

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